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            2. 江苏万呈机械有限公司	http://www.cnmontessori.com


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              Service support

              service support

              Customer needs, we think;The brand is supreme, reputation is gold

              Customer is the source of enterprise development, take the customer as the center, focus on the needs of customers, listen to the voice of the customer, and constantly meet and strive to exceed customer expectations.Customer satisfaction is our continuous efforts and the pursuit of goals, customer success is our success.

              About us


              Jiangsu Wan Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd.. is an import-export industry, corporation, limited liability company production and processing and import trade factory, located in Jiangsu Province. We are a manufacturer, specialized services supporting large-scale heavy industry in the shipbuilding industry in the country, have been exported to nearly 70 countries around the world. the company's main products: Ship cable cray, ship outfitting electrical class, perforated tray, trunking, cable ladders and manhole covers shipping, ship doors, marine cable penetrations (Ships cable drum, ship cable box),  Manhole Cover ; Bollard  ;Marine Inclined ladder; Panama Chock ;etc.2. Certificates we have: UL, CUL, CE, NEMA, IEC, SGS and ISO9001-2008.3, Suitable for use on ships and marine engineering.4, Electronic catalogs and samples available .Sell various Types and Sizes of cable tray price list according to the drawing and requirement of customers.


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              Application field of stainless steel ties

              Application field of stainless steel ties



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